Translation and language editing

We offer professional translation to and from Danish/English as well as editing of texts in any of the two languages. Our translator’s native language is Danish and he has obtained extensive experience in translating during his employment in one of the Danish governmental ministries. We specialise in project reports, policy and political documents, articles, trade documents, organisational manuals and instructions as well as teaching material.

Our basic fee for translations is DKK 0.50 per word. In case of very complex and lengthy texts the actual fee may be increased by 50 pct. Our minimum fee for translations is DKK 300.00. Our revision fee is also DKK 0.50 per word.

If the end product is needed within 24/48 hours, we apply a rush fee of 25 pct.

If you have a translation job, get in touch with us and we will send you a quote for the service.