About Us

We are a young Indonesian company (founded in 2013) who believe that it is possible to combine available and low-cost capacity in the Indonesian printing and publishing sector with Danish business customers' expectations of high quality and delivery on time at an attractive price. It may not be a well-known fact but printing costs in Indonesia are among the lowest in the world due to overcapacity.

To meet our ambition of providing quality services and overseeing the printing production we have secured the assistance of an Indonesia-based former senior adviser in the Danish public service where he worked for close to 40 years dealing with a range of complex tasks including supervision of printing of high quality materials used in connection with official government supported export promotion events abroad with participation of large industrial organizations and several of Denmark's largest companies.

We are based in Balikpapan, a seaport city on the East coast of the Island of Borneo (East Kalimantan, Indonesia). Balikpapan is the oil and gas capital of Indonesia. Besides oil and gas the region is known for its timber and mining.

Balikpapan is about 2 hours flight from Indonesia's capital Jakarta. The city has, however, an international airport with direct flights to Singapore several times a week making it easy to ship orders to customers in Denmark or to other global destinations without having to go through the congested airport in Jakarta. Flying time to Singapore is about 1 1/2 hours.

We work with carefully selected Indonesian printing companies in Balikpapan offering a full range of printing services. We are also offering such services as proofreading in Danish and English and translations to and from Danish and English.

Should you be interested in our company and our services, contact us and let us prepare an offer for you. Click Here for our contact details.